There is a substantial difference between being a gun owner and being an able defender of yourself, your family and your home.
Don't be just a gun owner.
  Train like the pros, by true pros

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Public Courses
NRA First Steps
NRA Basic Pistol
 Basic Defensive Pistol
 Advanced Concealed Carry
 Tactical Pistol
 Tactical Shotgun
Basic Tactical Rifle
Sudden Violence

Law Enforcement Courses
 Basic Duty Firearm
 Officer Gunfight Survival
Customized Agency Training
Approved by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Council for law enforcement training. Law enforcement personnel taking these classes earn required POST training credits.

While our lead trainer has trained armed and unarmed defense for more than 27 years, he is more than a mere trainer. He has not only mastered the training of the top fighting organizations of the world, he's also learned invaluable lessons that can only be acquired through the stressful experience of real gun fights. He knows how to assess a situation, respond appropriately and in a way that keeps him alive. He is a seasoned, experienced defensive expert.

He and our other trainers bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to bare with our training at Personal Tactics. Our training methods - and what you learn - often exceed that of militaries and police forces around the world. Our students are taught the mechanics, mentality, tactics and legalities of personal, family and home defense.

The moment that you need to use your weapon in self defense will be the most stressful of your life. Your performance and handling of the situation is guaranteed to fall back to the level of your training. If you have no training, chances are that the outcome will not be what you expect.

You have a gun. You have ammunition. Do not be without the most important component of your arsenel: your confident ability to use them effectively, made possible only through the high quality personal defense training at Personal Tactics.

Train like the pros, by true pros.


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